Happy Coffee day everyone!!

Good #Morning everyone!! It’s #NationalCoffeeDay!! All the more reason to enjoy an extra cup!! As you sip away, enjoy some  #coffee  art!

Good Morning everyone!! It’s NationalCoffeeDay!! All the more reason to enjoy an extra cup!! As you sip away, enjoy some  coffee  art!


Business Outsourcing with Global Empire


Our automotive team specializes in lead-generation and prospecting support to make your dealer-group marketing campaigns a success.

Driving sales and customer satisfaction.


The successful marketing campaign

Our Automotive Brand Specialists are working hard, 24/7 to ensure the success of your marketing campaigns. We provide live support at multiple touch points through your sales funnel. At Global Empire Corporation, we understand dealership management challenges. Our specialists are skilled at processing numerous leads from web landing pages and delivering optimized data back to your dealers. We respond via outbound emails to your lead-gen campaigns to deliver fast, efficient responses loaded with critical information. Global Empire Corporation Specialists have the tools, technology, and infrastructure to manage web-based lead generation, follow-up responses, prospecting, and business process outsourcing, for your potential customers.

Outsourcing lets you focus on your core strengths

At Global Empire Corporation, we’re available 24/7/365 to treat your prospects and your customers to first class service. Our Automotive Brand Specialists develop and nurture leads, helping you turn them into loyal customers. We support multiple touch points in the customer life cycle – from early stage lead responses and appointment setting to post-sale application processing. Our integration team can connect directly to your CRM platform, delivering your lead and prospect data directly to your dealers. This allows you more time to focus on your core strengths and frees up your salespeople’s valuable time for the customers in your dealership.

Understanding customer needs through market research

With outbound call surveys, we help you gauge your target market better. Our Specialists make calls and gather insightful data to optimize your marketing campaigns. From a personalized touch to a fully automated system, quick, accurate, up-to date-information is delivered to you and your customers.

Finely tuned performance

Top global brands trust Global Empire Corporation to blend the people, processes, and technology necessary to deliver the right customer experience every time. Our Automotive Specialists excel at expressing your brand personality in every call, chat, and email response. At Global Empire Corporation, we provide the kind of high-touch customer care required for big-ticket retail items. We deliver the best in customer care while growing your brand loyalty. You’re in great hands with Global Empire Corporation.

Looking for inbound call center services?!

Inbound call center services

Inbound Call Centre Service

Your website, catalog, and marketing campaigns sell your products and services while establishing and promoting your brand personality. When consumers respond, they expect to speak to a representative of your company and have an experience that reinforces that brand personality. At Global Empire Corporation, that’s exactly the experience our Brand Care Specialists deliver.

Whatever industry you’re in—luxury brands, automotive, multi-channel retailing, health insurance—we offer the full range of inbound services that help you increase sales, retain customers, and create brand loyalty. We convey your brand personality consistently and deliver on your brand promise in every interaction with your customers.

Global Empire Corporation has been known in our industry for our ability to offer the highest quality customer service to our clients’. We maintain a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year service center.

With a state of the art technology center we make available to our clients’ the most advanced services creating a quality experience for your customers. We guarantee that your customers will always be satisfied. Quality calls with redundant 100 MBPS fiber lines help to eliminate poor voice quality. We also have a private line network option for secure calling.

Global Empire Corporation currently supports customers in all contact channels. Our experience includes traditional channels like voice, chat and email supported by premise- based systems as well as leading platform as a solution (PAAS) models. Our expertise extends to interactions via e-service channels, such as social media and web forums, and can provide insight regarding how, and often more importantly why, to interact with certain customer segments and integrate select service strategies.

Having an efficient and prompt inbound customer care or customer support is as important as having a great product or service. In absence, you risk losing out on your valuable customers to your competitors. If lately you have been unable to meet the grueling demands of customer support in-house, why not consider outsourcing inbound customer support to Global Empire Corporation?

We are a well-established and reputed outsourcing company, which has handled inbound customer service operations of several global organizations, across a wide range of domains over the years. Our high-tech infrastructure, presence of skilled call center professionals and usage of latest telecommunication software helps us provide prompt and efficient call center support and phone answering services 24×7 that are tailor-made for your customers.

In today’s competitive business world, you need every advantage you can get. At Global Empire Corporation, we’ll give you the edge over the competition with our full array of call center solutions. Experienced call center consultants, telesales experts, and inside sales gurus will help you streamline operations to make the most of every customer interaction.

Trust your customer contact to the Brand Care Specialists of Global Empire Corporation.

Your 800 number. Your chat support button. Your email and social media interactions.
All critical touch points where your customer experiences your brand.

Our Inbound Services Include:

    • Answering Services
    • Billing Queries Services
    • Charge Back Handling Services
    • Chat Support, Email Support
    • Claims Processing Services
    • Consumer Response
    • Credit Card Services
    • Customer Complaint Resolution
    • Customer Services
    • Customer Support and Retention Services
    • Customer Surveys
    • Customer Win-Back
    • Dealer Locaters and Referral Services
    • Directory Inquiry Services
    • Direct Mail /TV Response
    • Email Management Services
    • Email Response
    • Event Scheduling Services
    • Help Desk Solutions
    • Inbound Sales
    • Inquiry Handling
    • Insurance Claims Processing Services
    • IVR Services
    • Job dispatch services
    • Lead Qualification
    • Loyalty Programs
    • Medical Answering Services
    • Online Customer Support Services
    • Order Entry Services
    • Order Management
    • Order Processing Services
    • Order Taking Services
    • Medical Answering Services
    • Online Customer Support Services
    • Order entry services
    • Order Management
    • Order Processing Services
    • Order Taking Services
    • Order Verification and Processing
    • Payment Collection Services
    • Phone Answering Services
    • Political Surveys
    • Product Information Request Services
    • Product recall Management Services
    • Product Support Services
    • Product Technical Information
    • Real-time Inventory Status Services
    • Rebate Processing Services
    • Registration of Event Participants & Prospects
    • Sales closure Services
    • Sales Lead Qualification
    • Scheduling Sales Demos Services
    • Subscription Services
    • Taxi Dispatch Services
    • Technical Support
    • Ticketing sales subscription services
    • Toll Free Response
    • Toll Free Services
    • Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Services
    • Virtual Receptionist Services
    • Warranty registration services

Thinking of buying a home? So whats your next step?

Buying Tips

What should you consider when buying your new home?

Buying a home is likely the largest investment you’ll ever make. The process can be complicated, nothing this big or this important is often easy, yet the rewards are immense. Beyond financial appeal, your home is your sanctuary; it’s where life happens, where you raise your family, dream and build for the future.

With so many choices in today’s home buying market, at Global Empire Corporation we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make one of the most important decisions in your life—purchasing your new home.

Global Empire Corporation’s professionally licensed, experienced and knowledgeable Associates are here to answer your questions and to provide you with up-to-date information on homes, communities, and our home buying process.

We invite you to speak with one of Global Empire Corporation’s Associates to learn more about the home buying process and your chosen market. Global Empire Corporation’s Associates live in your community and know it well. They’re the experts on everything from home evaluations to school districts, and will work with you each step of the way to secure your homeownership dreams. Let the conversation start here, with Global Empire Corporation.

What are some of the Benefits that you receive as a home owner?

Benefits as a Home Owner

Pride of Home Ownership

Pride of home ownership is the number one reason why Canadians desire their own home. There is no landlord looking over your shoulder. You are able to make home improvements knowing that any appreciation that results will be to your benefit. Home ownership gives you and your family a sense of stability and security. It’s making an investment in your future.


In Canada, especially in the last few years, homes have appreciated considerably and in doing so have added substantially to owners net worth. Also, in Canada your principal residence is exempt from capital gains taxes.

Mortgage Reduction Builds Equity

Each month, part of your monthly payment is applied to the principal balance of your home loan, which builds your equity. You can borrow against a home’s equity for a variety of reasons such as home improvement, sending your kids to university or college, or starting a new business. Why pay-off your landlord’s property when you can own your own?

Homeowners accumulate wealth for the future while enjoying the benefits of a shelter that they have can use, improve and sell. Their home is a safe haven for investment.

Are You Ready to Buy a Home?

Ready to Buy a Home

First – do you have the financial resources?

You should have five percent of the purchase price of a home for the down payment, but ideally even more. Are there other priorities in your life e.g. starting a new business, which require your savings? If not, buying a home should be on your radar.

Second – do you expect to stay in your new home for some time?

Moving can be expensive and you will want to build some equity before having to relocate. Your job and home life should be stable.

What Can You Afford?

Pre-Qualify for a Mortgage

If you haven’t already gone through the mortgage pre-qualification process, you will need to meet with a lender or mortgage broker.

Mortgage shopping can be daunting for those who’ve never done it before. It’s tough to know you’re getting the best rate, or, if the terms and conditions of the mortgage are best suited to your specific circumstances. And haggling may not be one of your strong suits.

With this in mind, these are reasons to consider enlisting the services of a mortgage broker as they provide their services for free to borrowers. Their commission is paid by the bank or lender providing the mortgage product. A mortgage broker has the educational background and training to provide a consumer with choices that fit their needs. Mortgage rates vary considerably and it is paramount that you choose someone that will shop around for the best rate, terms and options.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you Global Empire Corporation’s in-house mortgage specialists.

Global Empire Corporation’s team of professional licensed Mortgage Associates, with access to a variety of banks and lenders, will establish how much of a mortgage you will qualify for and then do all of the legwork for you in terms of paperwork and negotiating with lenders.

To contact one of their Mortgage Specialists visit www.globalempire.com or call 780-454-3444

What should you consider when assessing home features?

  • Do you need several bedrooms, more than one bathroom, space for a home office, a two-car garage?
  • Do you want air conditioning, storage or hobby space, a fireplace, a swimming pool? Do you have family members with special needs?
  • Do you plan to have children? Downtown or suburbs? Proximity to recreation or work.
  • Do you need a substantial backyard? Pets?
  • Is there adequate storage space?
  • Will any remodeling be required to make the home move-in ready for you?
  • What service provider (cable, Internet, telephone, Satellite) is available in the area, and is the house completely wired for each? How good is the cell phone reception?
  • How much are the yearly property taxes?
  • How much do utilities run each month? Does the house use gas or electric for the furnace, water heater, and appliances?
  • How old are the major appliances, and which are included with the house?
  • Have there been any major repairs to the house, and if so, when were they completed? For example, how old is the roof? Has water ever damaged the basement or foundation?
  • Ever had problems with insects, such as termites and spiders, or rodents?
  • Older homes need to be carefully examined – Windows may need caulking or new sashes, bathroom tiles may need grouting, home may need rewiring (planning on a hot tub or sauna?), a new hot water heater, or a new furnace.

Home Features

What should you consider when it comes to Location?

  • How far will you be commuting and what is the traffic like? Factor in cost of fuel.
  • Where will your children attend school and how will they commute?
  • Are there recreational facilities and parks close by?
  • Are you close to family and friends?
  • Is safety or high crime an issue?
  • Is the property close to an obstacle or negative influence? (I.e. shopping centre, school, radio tower, power lines, LRT or railroad track, highway, airport or commercial project).
  • Access to schools, work, recreation, shopping centres, public transportation, cultural attractions, libraries, churches and hospitals
  • Adjacent undeveloped land – what is proposed for this or other green space?
  • Heavy traffic can be noise nuisance and hazard for children
  • Distance from the unit to amenities, parking, walkways, roads, public transit
  • Does the neighborhood reflect positively on the value of the condo and your lifestyle choice?
  • Does this neighborhood, for any reason, have a poor reputation?
  • Is the future economic climate for the area good? Are businesses moving in? Is there government investment?
  • Are people moving in or out of the neighborhood? What is their age, income level, family size?
  • Are there plans for this neighbourhood that you may be unaware of (i.e. a future highway, a commercial development or a new housing development) that will provide competition on resale?


What should you consider when it comes to noise and privacy?

  • Proximity to highways, driveways, parking lots, playgrounds, trains.
  • Proximity to elevators, garbage disposal, fire exits, heating and air conditioners.
  • How well is the building soundproofed.
  • Visit at different times/weekends to check noise levels and activity.